• ‘Hi Customer Care,
    I have received my bed and it is amazing, like sleeping on a cloud. So happy to have purchased it.
    The pillows I received also are amazing. I usually get a sort neck sleeping on my other pillows but with these they mould to your neck and I sleep so well.
    The boys who delivered my bed were so helpful. They set the bed up for me and took the plastic away so nothing for me to do but make my bed.
  • ‘Hi team – both had an amazing sleep last night! Felt like I was floating! (while I was sleeping I mean!!)
  • Hey Dream well team ,
    We just wanted to say thank you for making our sleep become happier instead of cringing when going to sleep only to have a sort back! We shopped around for the past year for a really good mattress and went through 2 quite expensive mattresses claiming to do wonders we spent over 4 grand nearly – to no avail!
    We initially first heard of the Dream well mattress on the TV shopping ads but at the time couldn’t afford it but after doing some researching on the website we found we could do a payment plan which suits our needs great! We ordered the Medium Queen and we have had about a weeks sleep on it all up and we couldn’t be happier with it – my partner who always complains of a sore back after a few nights just feels wonderful! I work away and now all I do is dream about going home to sleep on my bed! If you are always tired and cranky because you haven’t had a good sleep please do yourself a favour and invest in a Dream well – if you are strapped for cash you can do a weekly payment plan and have it paid off in no time!
    We honestly do not have a bad thing to say about these mattresses , and we intend to purchase another one for the guest room shortly. The team have been awesome
  • Hi,
    Thank you, so far so good it’s made a big difference to me sleeping. I can turn from side to side without moaning in pain and waking up and getting out of bed I don’t have that instant pain which was aggravated by getting out of bed.
    My husband is able to sleep on his sides longer as before he would feel numb after a short period to either side and was struggling to lie on the same side again. His breathing and sleeping Is a lot smoother which has helped with hardly any snoring the last three nights to where I don’t even notice him sleeping beside me as before every movement and turn was affecting me. I will let you know in a few weeks how it is going as we have had more time to settle to the knew bed.
  • Beautiful Bed
    Finally have found a bed that cradles your body but supports your weight. Easy to sleep on and roll over through night. No more night sweats or disturbance definitely the best bed I have ever owned as I am now over 60 years old the old bones love it, as does my back I wake in the morning feeling like I have had a good nights sleep.
  • Mattress arrived yesterday thanks mate I overslept my alarm this morning that’s how good it is!!
  • I originally purchased one queen size mattress, after being referred by our chiropractor but have now purchased not only our original queen size but also 2 more double bed mattresses, one for each of my daughters – I would normally never promote a product, but I can tell you – these beds are really great. I had a frozen shoulder before the bed, only after a few weeks, no frozen shoulder.
    Christine Chapman
  • I love my Dream Well bed! For the first time in years I haven’t tossed and turned all night. I have also been unwell recently and have been spending a lot of time in bed and found I had no back pain as with my old bed. This bed replaced a very expensive top brand memory foam mattress that just didn’t deliver.
    We were quite pleased that the base came in two singles as it was much easier to get the bed upstairs to our bedroom.
  • Sleep at last!
    Absolute bliss. I find I don’t toss and turn so much during the night due to no partner disturbance. I wake up feeling refreshed and less grumpy. Top quality and well worth ever cent. Free postage was a bonus.