Sleep Science

Why is it that every time you breathe, move, twist or roll over in bed your mattress moves?

Is it the poor craftsmanship, lack of quality materials or the fact that your mattress is simply well past its used-­by date?

Despite the fact that you may have spent thousands of dollars all those years ago on your bed, the materials are only going to last a certain amount of years, and undergo wear and tear. This is one main reason why mattresses should be upgraded as soon as your sleep is being disturbed. Higher quality mattresses will certainly last longer, but the mattress that you were given as a hand-­me-­ down, wedding gift 20 or so years ago, may be doing you more damage than good.

With years of clinical, academic and bedding research behind us, our team of Chiropractors and Anatomists have created a mattress that has the highest quality materials to ensure your body is being taken care of, every single night. Whether it’s partner disturbance that worries you, or dust mites, the Dream Well Bedding mattress range has something for you.

The foundation of the mattress is the key to providing a solid foundation of support. Utilising the latest in Individual Pocket Spring technology, this allows for a disturbance-­ free sleep from movement.

Pocket springs are metal coils that are individually held together, each placed in a material pocket and sewn together with other pockets.

The pocket spring mattresses consist of a grid of springs, each in their own fabric pocket. Because they’re not wired together, each spring is able to work more or less independently — the weight on one spring does not affect those surrounding it. Global research into sleep consistently rate pocket spring mattresses the most comfortable type of inner-­‐spring mattress.

In the more traditional type of coil spring system the springs are interwoven, so that pressure applied to the spring at one end of the mattress will have an effect on the springs at the other end of the mattress. This leads to partner disturbance, and the feeling of being bounced or moved around the bed each time your partner moves.

The pocket springs that have weight distributed on them are the only springs that are compressed, therefore providing the best possible support during sleep. This overall body contouring allows for a zero partner disturbance as each spring works on it’s own. To improve the life of the springs, only the highest quality materials are used, all made in Australia, and each spring has a high level of elasticity, which ensures prolonged everyday use.

Now that the foundation is taken care of, the all important comfort layers need to be of the addressed. Starting with using material that was developed by NASA back in 1966, Memory Foam, or Visco Elastic foam. Memory foam was initially used in space travel by astronauts so that they could have an even distribution of weight, based on body pressure. Currently, there are hundreds of different grades of visco elastic foam, so that different needs are met – for example, mattresses, mattress toppers, pillows, car seats, lounges, etc. It is important to note that not all visco elastic foams are of the same quality. The Dream Well Exquisite mattress uses only the highest grade of memory foam, and as such provides a premium sleeping surface.

So, what is memory foam? It is from the same origin as traditional foams, but adding various chemicals it allows the traditional foam to become heavier and thus also becomes temperature‐sensitive, an important reason as to why the Dream Well Exquisite mattress uses memory foam. It helps with circulation. The pressure and temperature-­ sensitive nature of memory foam allows the body to be nestled within the material, allowing for even circulation of blood and lymph. This is quite different to laying on traditional foam, which does not allow for this to occur.

Because memory foam is a high-­density material, it is the perfect breeding ground for dust mites and other allergens. This would defeat the purpose of sleeping on a “healthy” surface, so a product called UltraFresh is used to treat the memory foam in the production. Ultra-­Fresh is an odourless range of antimicrobial that is added to various materials used to produce home furnishings, carpet, bedding, general textiles, plastics, and surface coatings. It is used to help control the growth of bacteria, mould, mildew, fungi, algae and dust mites.

In the last 15 years additional research performed by laboratories in Europe, USA, Canada and Australia and New Zealand, has proven the treatment to effectively control the house dust mite, a common trigger for allergy sufferers. Other triggers such as the spores from mould and mildew are also effectively controlled.

Internationally, Ultra-­Fresh treated products have been approved and registered for use through some of the worlds leading authorities. Many regulatory bodies such as The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Health Canada, APVMA (Australia) and non-­ regulatory organizations like Oko-­tex that ensure that Ultra-­Fresh is safe for both the user and the environment.

In addition to using Ultra-­Fresh in the memory foam, there is also another product, Healthguard, that is used to help people who may suffer from allergies, skin irritations, asthma or other respiratory diseases. Medical research has shown that dust mites are a major cause of these complaints. It has long been known that dust mites live in mattresses, sofas, carpets and all the synthetic and sofas, carpets and all the synthetic and natural fibres with which we surround ourselves, but no one has known how to eradicate them.

The HealthGuard treatment is used throughout the mattress production process and is a non-­toxic ingredient. The team behind HealthGuard have researched the relationship between various allergies and house dust mites’ faeces. As well as a study that uncovered a link between the moulds and fungi that form in soft furnishings, and the house dust mite, which causes allergic reactions such as asthma. Mould and fungal microbes are a major food source for the house dust mite, therefore it was imperative that the Healthguard treatments wipe out the food supply of the mite. The product is a multi‐function anti-­microbial, which simultaneously works to inhibit a broad spectrum of bacteria, mosquitos, moulds and house dust mites. HealthGuard attacks mite populations in two ways: by acting as a contact repellent, forcing mites to move away from treated areas, and by inhibiting the growth of natural food sources such as yeast, moulds and bacteria.

Still confused as to what dust mites are? They are microscopic creatures, related to spiders, which thrive in bedding and carpets. They commonly feed on flakes of shed human skin. They are a normal part of our world. However their waste products have been recognized as a significant cause of allergies and asthma. Treating items such as mattresses, pillows and carpets with UltraFresh and Healthguard creates an inhospitable environment, allowing people to sleep better and breathe easier.

The next layer of the mattress is the 100% Natural Latex.

With every movement in your bed, the next layer up from the memory foam is 100% Natural Latex, which will quickly respond by adjusting itself to your new position. Hence, your body remains in a constant state of relaxation and comfort. One major issue and sign that your mattress is ready to replace is partner disturbance. With the combination of memory foam and latex, unwanted movement is kept to a minimum. Such is the case when your partner is heavier than you. This is now a thing of the past with the Dream Well Bedding mattress range.

There are several health benefits of a latex mattress, and is great choice for sufferers of asthma or hay-­fever.

Due to the fact that Dream Well Bedding uses the highest quality materials, and the latex is 100% natural, it has an in‐built self-­ventilating structure, which means that the latex in Dream Well Exquisite mattress has millions of interconnecting air cells which self-­ventilate as a result of sleeping movements. The result is a cool and comfortable sleep.

The latex used in Dream Well Bedding mattresses are 100% fungus free and possess antibacterial properties, which will last for many years. Due to the natural properties of latex, dust mites (which aggravate asthma) and bed bugs are discouraged from breeding.

Thinking about your children’s future by having an eco‐friendly material in your mattress, that is also good for you. The latex used in all Dream Well Bedding mattress are made using the highest quality 100% pure and natural rubber and are free from any harmful or toxic substances.

With regards to support and comfort, latex gives a consistent and uniform support, and the surface pressure on the body is reduced to a minimum, and will therefore keep the spine correctly aligned. 100% Natural Latex will never indent or depress, as it remains 100% uniform for its lifespan, which is well over 20 years.

Creamy white natural Latex colour Colour varies depending on the type of filler used. Some clays will result in a grey latex.
Extremely fine foam structure, which gives it an extremely strong support capability. Coarse structure, which will reduce the strength of the latex and therefore cause a poor support capability.
A sweet odour of natural latex when fresh The sweet fresh natural latex odour is suppressed by fillers
Hypoallergenic, clean and healthy, 100% Natural Latex has inherent natural anti-­ bacterial properties, which does not allow growth of bacteria or fungus. This alone will stop dust-mites from digesting dead skin cells from humans. Therefore, 100% Natural Latex is inhospitable to dust‐mites. Hazardous and harmful -­ the insertion of fillers destroys the anti-­bacterial properties of 100% Natural Latex. This will allow for the growth of fungal and bacterial populations, which will encourage the growth of dust-­mites in your mattress.
100% Natural Latex is derived wholly from pure, fresh, untouched natural rubber latex from the rubber tree. It is cultivated through new planting and replanting programmes from large-­scale plantations to ensure a sustainable supply of latex. The environmentally friendly attributes of 100% Natural Latex are suppressed by the presence of fillers, particularly when fillers such as calcium oxide or titanium dioxide are used.
100% Natural Latex is durable. According to research pure 100% Natural Latex without fillers can easily last 25 years. Natural latex with fillers is not as durable as pure latex. Therefore the life of a product made from latex with fillers is not expected to exceed 5 years.
Due to the fact that is a natural material it is: Warmer in Winter Cooler in Summer Inconsistent temperature regulation, therefore may cause excessive sweating or over-­heating.

The final thing about latex is that it is:

The uppermost layer of the pillow top for the Dream Well Cloud Mattress is 100% Natural Cashmere Wool. A little commonsense went into this decision to use another natural fibre in the uppermost layers of the mattress. One of wool’s greatest qualities is that it has an ability to wick moisture away from the body at night, then dissipate it by natural evaporation during the day. Wool also has a natural oil on its surface, lanolin, which is also an antimicrobial and disinfectant.

Finally, two important things to remember about the Dream Well Bedding Mattress range are that the mattresses are posture zoned for optimal posture and full body support, and of course you are buying an Australian Made mattress!