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The Dream Well Natural Latex Mattress is made from 100% natural latex. Natural latex is a highly durable and eco-friendly material, made from the sap in the bark of the Rubber Tree, a renewable resource.

Natural latex provides excellent support, relieving pressure points and promoting circulation. It dynamically conforms to every curve and contour of your body.

Natural latex is naturally hypoallergenic. No fungus, bacteria, dust mites or other unhealthy organisms can live inside a natural latex mattress. Natural latex has innate breathability, ensuring effective air circulation and temperature regulation.

The Natural Latex Mattress is available in Firm, Plush and Ultra Plush, and as a mattress, ensemble or ensemble with drawers. A Pillow Top can also be added to your 100% natural latex mattress for additional comfort – just select this option!

Firm: A firm mattress offers optimal support, and has a limited amount of give; have comfort layer, but is a firmer finish; a firm mattress may not be a great choice for people suffering from fibromyalgia or the various inflammatory arthritis. Best mattress is you are generally over 140kg or more.

Plush: By increasing the amount of cashmere wool, and changing the density of the supportive foams, a plush mattress has more give than a firm mattress. It is a great all-round feel and is the most popular.

Ultra Plush: Increased amount of wool and again using super soft supportive foams, the ultra plush, gives you the ultimate in comfort without denying you the support. It is generally better for people with inflammatory conditions, or people who are wanting to increase their circulation.

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Single (915mm x 1900mm), King Single (1055mm x 2030mm), Double (1385mm x 1900mm), Queen (1525mm x 2030mm), King (1835mm x 2030mm)

Mattress, Ensemble and Ensemble with drawers

Mattress, Ensemble, Ensemble with drawers

Standard or Pillow Top

Standard, Pillow Top


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