What is Sleep Science ?

The science of sleep can be broken down into a variety of areas, from the physical act of sleeping to recording and analysing sleep behaviour. As sleep disorders cost the Australian community over $10 billion a year, Dream Well Bedding Australia works closely with other sleep specialists to help patients and customers find a solution to the many things that can affect a person’s sleep. This can include a simple change of a pillow or mattress, due to allergic reactions to materials used in construction, to a deeper analysis of sleeping patterns.

Dream Well difference

Choose Dream Well Bedding Australia because we have designed mattresses, pillows and bedding accessories with the highest degree of knowledge, expertise and experience. Utilising clinical, anatomical and physiological experience, our team has sought the highest quality materials to ensure that you have the best possible sleep you can achieve. Looking at circulation issues, skin temperature and regulation, inhalation of various toxins and allergens, the Dream Well team has analysed the various aspects of sleep that may be causing you to wake up feeling more tired, with less energy and a lot of the underlying issues that cause poor sleep.


In designing the Dream Well range, our team of Health Professionals started with the body`s needs first, and after several years of research and developing prototypes, our 100% Australian-made range was launched in 2008.
All the materials used in the range have been chosen specifically for various health benefits, and working with Australian manufacturers to ensure all beds are to the exact specifications you desire. The result is a range of high quality mattresses, beds and pillows which aim to provide the ultimate in comfort and support, designed with your body in mind. Contact us today for free personalised service – sleep@dreamwellbedding.com.au