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Why Dream Well ?

Why is it that every time you breathe, move, twist or roll over in bed your mattress moves? Is it the poor craftsmanship, lack of quality materials or the fact that your mattress is simply well past its used by date. Despite the fact that you may have spent thousands of dollars all those years ago on your bed, the materials are only going to last a certain amount of years, and undergo wear and tear. This is one main reason why mattresses should be upgraded as soon as your sleep is being disturbed. Higher quality mattresses will certainly last longer, but the mattress that you were given as a hand-me-­down, wedding gift 20 or so years ago, may be doing you more damage than good. With years of clinical, academic and bedding research behind us, our specialist Chiropractic team has created a range of mattresses that have the highest quality materials to ensure your body is being taken care of, every single night. Whether it’s partner disturbance that worries you, or dust mites, the Dream Well Bedding Australia range has something for you.

In designing the Dream Well range, our Chiropractors started with the body`s needs first, from posture and circulation to biomechanics and anatomy, bringing together years of research and study in the field of back care and sleep. After several years of research and developing prototypes, our 100% Australian- made range were launched in 2008. All the materials used in the bedding range are sourced from Australian suppliers, and working with Australian manufacturers to ensure your bed exceeds your expectations.

The result is a range of high quality mattresses, beds and pillows which aim to provide the ultimate in comfort and support, designed with your body in mind.


Dream Well Bedding Australia uses the highest quality materials in our range of mattresses and pillows, to offer you the best comfort and support. They have been designed with an understanding of the varying Australian climate and the need for temperature regulation to ensure all-year round comfort. Our mattresses are hypoallergenic – designed to repel dustmites, mould and mildew and be anti-bacterial.

We are committed to using natural products such as wool, latex and aloe-vera to ensure a cleaner night’s sleep – where no toxic materials are being inhaled or absorbed into the skin.


  • ‘Hi Customer Care,
    I have received my bed and it is amazing, like sleeping on a cloud. So happy to have purchased it.
    The pillows I received also are amazing. I usually get a sort neck sleeping on my other pillows but with these they mould to your neck and I sleep […]

  • ‘Hi team – both had an amazing sleep last night! Felt like I was floating! (while I was sleeping I mean!!)
  • Hey Dream well team ,
    We just wanted to say thank you for making our sleep become happier instead of cringing when going to sleep only to have a sort back! We shopped around for the past year for a really good mattress and went through 2 quite expensive mattresses c […]

  • Hi,
    Thank you, so far so good it’s made a big difference to me sleeping. I can turn from side to side without moaning in pain and waking up and getting out of bed I don’t have that instant pain which was aggravated by getting out of bed.
    My husband is able to sleep […]

  • Beautiful Bed
    Finally have found a bed that cradles your body but supports your weight. Easy to sleep on and roll over through night. No more night sweats or disturbance definitely the best bed I have ever owned as I am now over 60 years old the old bones love i […]

  • Mattress arrived yesterday thanks mate I overslept my alarm this morning that’s how good it is!!
  • I originally purchased one queen size mattress, after being referred by our chiropractor but have now purchased not only our original queen size but also 2 more double bed mattresses, one for each of my daughters – I would normally never promote a product, but I can […]

    Christine Chapman
  • I love my Dream Well bed! For the first time in years I haven’t tossed and turned all night. I have also been unwell recently and have been spending a lot of time in bed and found I had no back pain as with my old bed. This bed replaced a very expensive top brand mem […]

  • Sleep at last!
    Absolute bliss. I find I don’t toss and turn so much during the night due to no partner disturbance. I wake up feeling refreshed and less grumpy. Top quality and well worth ever cent. Free postage was a bonus.